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Severine & Charlotte

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Field Denim


Studio Makecreate

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Jenny & Vivienne

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Chris & Ellie


Loop Studio

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High Six Media & Tom and Jones


James Glancy Design


Studio 1




Studio 2

Field Denim


Studio 3

Studio Makecreate

We are a multidisciplinary design and manufacturing company.  We can generate new ideas, develop designs or manufacture from existing drawings,  creating high quality solutions from any stage in the creative process. We create three dimensional work in any material, from small to large, and one-off to batch productions.


Studio 4

Joe Wilson

Director based in London, working on documentaries, music videos & branded content


Theo Davies

I'm a London based director who makes shorts, commercials, music videos and documentaries. I make visually powerful stories full of character, emotion and often with a comic edge.

Studio 5

Jenny Pursey

I am a multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on shape, movement and colour. My next venture is going to be jewellery making and I enjoy working in many different mediums although printmaking and drawing is what I always return to. I'm enthusiastic about exploring the relationship between the arbitrary shapes seen throughout the city (such as railings, fences, bollards etc) and how this effects lives - or doesn't. 


Vivienne Hollis

"I've always loved to paint & embroider, but as an escape from busy city daily life & the perils of real life, I started making the imaginative garden artworks as a way to unwind & unfold. In March 2018 I began working on these pieces in my studio. Each intricate piece features hearty pops of colour made with inks, Gouache paint, bead-work, fabric & stitch."

Vivienne graduated from Slade School of Fine Art in London 2004. Since then I've taken part in various group exhibitions across the UK.

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Ellie Fairhall 

I am a multidisciplinary artist working in print, fine art, photography and digital media. I have directed and produced music videos for bands such as Meatraffle and Madonnatron. Currently working on starting a clothing line.

Studio 6

Chris Zero

I am Chris Zero, a cartoonist, illustrator and comics artist living in London. Self-taught and a perfectionist, I am using the studio at the Toaster Factory to hone my craft, experiment and come out with something completely new. In the past, I've done murals, t-shirt design, book illustrations, comics, you name it - I've drawn it. That doesn't mean I am a graphic designer and I am going to do your logo though. Upcoming projects are a comic and some snazzy artwork on craft beer cans.


Commissions at 


Studio 7

Loop Studio 

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Studio 8

High Six Media

A creatively driven Video Production Company. We're two filmmakers who thrive on adventure and obsess over telling engaging, intriguing and entertaining stories with moving image. 


Working with brands like Ellesse, Footlocker, Nike & BoxFresh and awlays looking for the next fun and challenging project.


Main Building

James Glancy Design 

For 30 years, James Glancy Design has been at the forefront of the immersive design world. The company occupies an acre of studio space and with a permanent team of 70 is able to offer a complete service from design origination to installation. Christmas design provides the largest part of our turnover. However, the same design and delivery skill set that has helped to get us to the forefront of the Christmas sector is now responsible for helping to set us apart in providing Placemaking solutions.