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Where did the name 'Toaster Factory' originate?

From 1954 to 2003, British kitchenware appliance manufacturers Dualit (infamous for their iconic heavy-duty toasters) developed and produced some of their greatest work here in the Toaster Factory, under the inventor and creative visionary Max Gort-Barten.


In 2003 James Glancy Design moved into the factory in 2003 from arches under London Bridge with a nascent business designing and manufacturing amazing Christmas decorations! The building then worked its magic and enabled the business to expand dramatically over the next few years.


But it’s not just been all about Christmas! Christmas has played a key part in the company’s growth but alongside so much other design!! The Gift Of The Gods was a huge commission for the London Olympics; hosting a raft of designs at Lumiere London was another special moment and seeing so much of our work permanently on display in the West End especially in Carnaby Street could only have been made possible with a great team working in an incredible building. 


There is also another equally exciting story running in tandem with our own business which stated in 2015 when ancillary space in our fabulous building was rented out to Studio Makecreate, our first tenants. Since then, the two businesses have collaborated to re-imagine under-used parts of the building as work space for artists, creative businesses and manufacturers. Flexibility in the way the space has been provided has ensured a great mix, from single desk-spaces, to small studio rooms of 300 sq. ft. to light industrial units of 2000 sq. ft. The building currently hosts 8 sole-trading artists and designers, and 6 creative or manufacturing businesses. 


From Christmas 2019, with the addition of over 10,000 sq. ft. of extra space, there are aspirations for the venture to grow beyond just providing work space; this might involve open access facilities, teaching practical and creative skills, a cafe, a bookable meeting room and more. The Toaster Factory aims to become a real driving force in the local economy!


Dualit, Old Kent Road | 1954


Carnaby Street, London | 2008


Olympic Games, London | 2012


Regents Street, London | 2016


Carnaby Street, London | 2017


Carnaby Street, London | 2018